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The supervisor may refuse to examine an applicant, or after examination, may disqualify the applicant or remove the applicant from a register, or may refuse to certify any eligible person on a register if the applicant:


is found to lack any of the preliminary requirements established for the examination for the class of positions;


has been convicted of any crime which has a direct relationship to the position sought in accordance with Minnesota Statutes, chapter 364;


has been dismissed from the public service or any other position for delinquency or misconduct, or, in lieu of dismissal, has been allowed to resign from employment;


has practiced or attempted to practice any deception or fraud in the applicant's application, examination, or appointment;


has used or attempted to use political pressure or bribery to obtain an advantage in the examination or appointment;


has directly or indirectly obtained information about the examinations to which applicants are not entitled;


has failed to submit the application for examination correctly or within the prescribed time limits;


has taken part in the compilation, administration, or correction of the examination;


has otherwise violated provisions of these rules; or


is not available in an area under the jurisdiction of the merit system.

A disqualified applicant shall be promptly notified of such action, and an applicant who is not admitted to an examination because of failure to meet the preliminary requirements shall be notified by letter mailed to the applicant's last known address sufficiently in advance of the examination to allow for an appeal from rejection as provided in parts 9575.1150 to 9575.1200.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 256.012


17 SR 1279; 23 SR 82

Published Electronically:

October 15, 2013