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Subpart 1.

Correction order, training.

An agency shall not issue correction orders unless licensors have been trained by the department on procedures for issuing correction orders. A correction order must be on forms prescribed by the commissioner. A copy of the correction order must be kept in the license holder's file.

Subp. 2.

Criteria for issuing correction orders.

A correction order may be issued if all of the following conditions are met:


the violation does not imminently endanger the health, safety, or rights of persons served by the program;


the violation is not listed in part 9543.0100, subpart 3;


the violation is not serious or chronic; and


the violation will be corrected within a reasonable time.

Subp. 3.

Time limitation.

A correction order must include a specific time period for correcting the violation.

Subp. 4.

Compliance with correction order.

The agency shall ensure that license holders provide evidence of compliance with a correction order or, if appropriate, recommend further action to the commissioner.

Subp. 5.

Conditional license.

The agency may recommend a conditional license if:


on the basis of factors in part 9543.0100, subpart 1, the agency demonstrates that revocation or suspension of the license is not warranted;


the agency demonstrates that continued operation of the program:


is in the best interests of persons served by the program; and


would not pose a risk of harm to persons served by the program; and


the agency submits to the commissioner a plan for monitoring the program to ensure the safety of persons served during the conditional license.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 14.386; 14.388; 245A.09; 245A.16


15 SR 2105; 30 SR 585

Published Electronically:

December 29, 2005