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Subpart 1.

All requests for proposal.

To initiate a process for awarding environmental assistance grants or loans, the commissioner shall publish a notice in the State Register advising eligible applicants of the availability of environmental assistance grants and loans and of a request for proposals (RFP) that describes the process by which applicants may apply for a grant or a loan. In the RFP, the commissioner shall:


describe the process for awarding grants and loans and shall establish a deadline by which applications must be submitted;


specify the maximum amount of funding to be awarded to a project;


establish the minimum percentage of total project funds that an applicant must contribute to the project, and restrictions, if any, on the applicant's use of other state funds for the applicant's contribution; and


for loans, specify the maximum interest rate and the maximum term of the loan.

Subp. 2.

Additional limitations.

If the commissioner intends that a grant or loan round also be limited in any of the following ways, the condition shall be included in the RFP:


limits on certain eligible costs to a percentage of the total cost of the project;


limits on or prioritizing of the types of projects and, accordingly, the eligible applicants for which a grant or loan would be awarded in the funding round initiated by the RFP;


application information requirements, loan conditions, and evaluation criteria that relate to the grant or loan priorities or the funding round initiated by the RFP; or


a requirement that applicants submit preliminary applications as described in part 9210.0820, subpart 1.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 115A.0716


22 SR 23; L 2005 1Sp1 art 2 s 161

Published Electronically:

October 10, 2013

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes