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Underpass projects must meet or exceed the minimum dimensions indicated in the following design chart.

Rural-Suburban Design, Vertical Clearance Urban Design, Vertical Clearance
(feet-inches) (feet-inches)
Highway under Roadway Bridge 16-4 14-6
Highway under Railroad Bridge 16-4 14-6
Highway under Pedestrian Bridge 17-4 15-6 (a)
Highway under Sign Structure 17-4 15-6 (a)
Railroad under Roadway Bridge (b) 22-0 22-0

(a) For replacement of skyway structures, the minimum clearance over traveled way is the existing structure clear height.

(b) Variances to the required minimum may be granted by the commissioner of transportation. That approval eliminates the need for a state-aid variance.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 162.02; 162.09


20 SR 1041; 23 SR 1455; L 1998 c 403 s 29; 24 SR 1885; 29 SR 449

Published Electronically:

October 15, 2007