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In an application for a Class D license, the applicant must make its best effort to include the following with respect to each individual identified pursuant to part 7870.0620 as a director, trustee, officer, member, shareholder, or other holder of a direct or indirect record or beneficial voting interest or control of five percent or more in the applicant and each individual identified pursuant to part 7870.0695:


full name, business and residence addresses and telephone numbers, last five residence addresses, date of birth, place of birth, social security number, if the individual is willing to provide it, and two references; and


an authorization for release of personal information, on a form prepared by the commission, signed by the individual and providing that the applicant:


authorizes a review by and full disclosure to an agent of the Minnesota Department of Public Safety, Division of Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement, of all records concerning the individual, whether the records are public, nonpublic, private, or confidential;


recognizes the information reviewed or disclosed may be used by the Minnesota Racing Commission, its members and employees, and agents of the Division of Alcohol and Gambling Enforcement to determine the signer's qualifications for a Class D license; and


releases authorized providers and users of the information from any liability under state or federal data privacy law.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 240.23


16 SR 484; L 1997 c 129 art 2 s 15

Published Electronically:

April 16, 2007