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7820.4300 NEW SERVICE.

"New service" means service extended to or requested by any customer who has not received service as a customer for the preceding six months. A utility shall not require a cash deposit or other guarantee of payment as a condition of obtaining new service unless a customer has an unsatisfactory credit or service standing with the utility due to any of the following:


the customer or applicant has outstanding a prior utility service account with the utility which at the time of request for service remains unpaid and not in dispute;


the service of a customer or applicant has previously been disconnected for any permissible reason which is not in dispute; or


the credit history as provided in this chapter demonstrates that payment cannot be assured. The determination of an adequate credit history must be determined by objective criteria which shall be filed with the commission in the utility's tariff. Such criteria must bear a reasonable relationship to the assurance of payment.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 216B.07; 216B.08; 216B.09

Published Electronically:

October 9, 2008