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Readings of all meters used for determining charges to customers shall be made each month unless otherwise authorized by the commission upon petition by the utility. The term "month" for meter reading and billing purposes is the period between successive meter reading dates which shall be as nearly as practicable to 30-day intervals. When a utility is unable to gain access to a meter, it shall leave a meter-reading form for the customer.

A utility may permit the customer to supply meter readings on a form supplied by the utility, providing a utility representative reads the meter at least once every 12 months or at an interval determined upon petition to the commission and when there is a change in customers and when requested by the customer. This form should advise the customer of the utility's responsibilities to read the meter.

If the billing period is longer or shorter than the normal billing period by more than five days, the bill shall be prorated on a daily basis.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 216B.08; 216B.09

Published Electronically:

October 9, 2008