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Subpart 1.


This measure is intended to conserve motor fuel by prohibiting the use of vehicles for one day per week.

Subp. 2.


Vehicle owners shall apply to the Department of Public Safety for a no-driving-day designation permit sticker. The applicant may select any day (Monday through Sunday) as the no-driving day for the applicant's vehicle but must choose the same day for all vehicles owned. The owner must prominently display the sticker on each vehicle owned and driven during the term of this measure.

A vehicle rented or leased for a period exceeding seven days shall be considered owned by the lessee for purposes of this measure.

Upon the effective date of the vehicle permit sticker requirement, all Minnesota-licensed motor vehicles subject to the requirement must display a permit sticker in the lower right hand corner of the front windshield.

Subp. 3.


The following are exempt from provisions of this part:


vehicles being driven for any first priority use defined in part 7620.0410;


vehicles held for sale or lease by a licensed motor vehicle dealer in the ordinary course of business;


motorcycles and mopeds;


short-term rental vehicles; and


such other vehicles as the governor may determine.

Subp. 4.


Vehicle owners operating a motor vehicle under one of the qualifying exemptions listed in subpart 3 must apply to the Division of Driver and Vehicle Services (DDVS) of the Department of Public Safety for an exempt sticker. Exempt stickers issued by the DDVS must be prominently displayed on the vehicle for which the exempt permit was issued.

Subp. 5.

Rental agencies.

Vehicle rental agencies must apply for exempt stickers for vehicles rented for periods less than one week. Upon approval of a rental agency's application, DDVS will exempt stickers for designated rental vehicles. Vehicles rented or leased for use predominantly in Minnesota for periods exceeding seven days must be registered by the lessee.

Subp. 6.


The governor may waive the requirement for the display of exempt permit stickers for any vehicle class listed under subpart 3.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 216C.15


L 1987 c 312 art 1 s 9; 17 SR 1279

Published Electronically:

October 11, 2007