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Subpart 1.

Action related to declared energy supply emergency.

An appeal from an action taken pursuant to a declared energy supply emergency or under authority of these parts shall be in writing and signed by the appellant. The appeal shall state:


full identification of appellant and where appellant can be located to receive notice of decision;


the action from which the appeal is made, including the individual or unit of government taking the action, and the date and nature of the action;


the bases of the appeal, including the reasons the appellant believes the action to be unjust or unwise;


the names and addresses of persons known to the appellant who might be adversely or beneficially affected by the outcome of the appeal;


the nature of the relief sought, whether reversal, modification, or some other relief.

Subp. 2.

Other appeals.

The appeal of a decision not to certify an employer conservation plan or of an order to implement all or any part of an approved conservation plan shall include a description of the existing or proposed conservation programs through which the employer claims compliance with part 7620.0610. In the case of an appeal from a decision not to approve part 7620.0610, subpart 11, item A employer plans (submitted after an energy supply emergency is declared), the appeal shall also contain documentation of the methodology on which the claim of motor fuel savings or program performance is based and a calculation of appellant's baseline consumption.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 216C.10


L 1987 c 312 art 1 s 9

Published Electronically:

October 11, 2007