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In accordance with part 7470.0600, subparts 1 to 3, defects in the equipment of a school bus listed in the left column will cause the number of points specified in the right column to be deducted from the starting score of 100.

Equipment Defect Points
Tires, front each 25
Tires, rear each 25
Inadequate pipe 25
Leak in system 5
Muffler defective (treat like leak in system) 5
School bus color (multifunctional school activity buses are exempt)
Not basic yellow 25
Improper trim color 2
Required lettering
No school bus sign (type A, B, C, or D) 25
Other lettering - nicknames 2
Stop arm (octagonal) 25
Reflective material cracked, scratched, or separated 5
Optional lamps on stop arm 2
Crossover mirror
Missing or inoperable 25
If only line of vision is distorted, flaking or cracked 5
Headlamps out of adjustment (allow mechanic time to adjust) 5
Headlamp out 5
Both low beams out 25
One low beam out or either or both high beams out each 5
Dimmer switch inoperable 5
Turn signals inoperable 25
Eight lamp warning lamp system
Lamp system not working 25
Eight lamp indicator malfunctioning 10
Indicator lamps
High beam 2
Turn signals 5
Clearance lamps or optional white strobe lamp each 1
Rear lamps
One out 5
Both out 25
Stop lamps (minimum of 2 required)
Not working each 15
Auxiliary stop lamp not working each 2
Backup lamps 5
Brakes - service (foot)
Not working 25
Hose blistered but no fluid leakage each hose 5
Brakes - emergency (auxiliary) 25
Defective or no warning horn 25
Rear view mirror
Interior 15
Exterior 25
Slight crack, discolored or flaking 5
Windshield wipers (not working at all) 25
Wiper blade only 5
One speed not working on left side or the right side not working 10
Windshield glass 10
Steering 25
One kingpin bad (more than 1/2 inch) 15
Two kingpins bad (more than 1/2 inch) 25
Driver seat belt, missing or not usable 25
Entrance door, out of adjustment 5
Interior lamps
Step-well 2
Other interior lamps (mention only) 0
First aid kit
Missing 25
Short supply - per unit missing 1
Fire extinguisher, missing or in inoperable range 15
Flags and flares (electric or reflector) (for up to three missing) 5
Side glass and rear glass - each defect 5
Loose objects interior each 2
Seats loose (floor mount) each 5
Seat condition each 2
Bus interior (cleanliness) 2
Carbon monoxide 25
Emergency exit, inoperable 25
Emergency lettering missing 2
Bad door gasket 5
Speedometer 10
Suspension, main leaf 25
Other than main leaf, 25 percent or more of the remaining leaves broken 25
Other than main leaf, less than 25 percent broken 10
Loose or leaking shocks 10
Wheels 25
One stud nut missing if less than 20 percent of stud nuts on wheel 10
20 percent or more of stud nuts are missing on wheel 25
Body condition 2
Hazardous protuberance or sharp edge 25
Two cross members bad, must be replaced 2
Cross members rusted, to be written up 0
Drive shaft guard 25
Frame 25
Defroster fan or heaters in excess of one in multiple heater buses each 5
Battery 10
Body mounting 10
Fuel system 10

Statutory Authority:

MS s 169.451


32 SR 1983

Published Electronically:

May 16, 2008