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Subpart 1.


A county with a hazardous waste ordinance approved in writing by the agency shall submit to the agency a written notification of all hazardous waste licenses or permits approved by the county during the previous month. The notification shall be submitted to the agency by the fifteenth day of each month. Upon the request of the commissioner, the county shall provide the agency with a copy of all the information that it considered in reaching its decision.

Subp. 2.

Decision of commissioner.

The commissioner shall within 15 days of receiving the notification, advise the county in writing of the decision to approve, suspend, or request additional information on the licenses or permits. The commissioner may suspend any hazardous waste license or permit approved and issued by the county. Upon suspension, the procedure described in part 7045.1010, subpart 2 must be followed.

Subp. 3.


A county shall submit to the commissioner, upon request, a copy of any information submitted under parts 7045.0225 to 7045.0250 (generator licenses), 7045.0310, and 7045.0320 (collection programs), manifest, exception report, or other document that has been submitted to the county in lieu of submission to the agency pursuant to part 7045.1020. A county shall submit to the commissioner, upon request but not to exceed semiannually, summary data based on the documents cited in this subpart.

Subp. 4.

[Repealed, 16 SR 2102]

Statutory Authority:

MS s 116.07


9 SR 115; L 1987 c 186 s 15; 16 SR 2102

Published Electronically:

October 10, 2013

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Revisor of Statutes