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If an emission reporting facility or a facility issued an option B registration permit under part 7007.1120 that chooses to be assessed a fee under part 7002.0025, subpart 1, item C, subitem (1), has collected emissions data through use of a CEM in compliance with the preconditions in subitems (1) and (2), the facility shall report that data to the agency in its emission inventory. The emission inventory submitted shall be based on all of the CEM data. The requirements in subitems (1) and (2) must be met:


the CEM has been certified by the commissioner; and


the CEM data have not been rejected by the commissioner due to failure by the owner or operator to comply with parts 7017.1002 to 7017.1220; all applicable permit conditions; and any other applicable state or federal laws pertaining to CEM operation.


Facilities required to use this method shall include the following information in their emission inventory:


the total operating time of the applicable emission unit and the total operating time of the CEM;


an explanation of how the emissions were calculated based on the CEM data. Except for facilities subject to part 7017.1020, for periods when the CEM is down and the emissions unit is operating, missing emissions data shall be substituted with CEM data recorded during a representative period of operation of the emissions unit, and, if applicable, of the control equipment operation during the same calendar year for which the inventory is being submitted. The CEM must have recorded data for at least 90 percent of the hours the emission unit was operated for the calendar year for which the inventory is being submitted. If substitute CEM data meeting these conditions is not available, emissions during periods of CEM downtime shall be calculated using the next highest available method on the hierarchy of methods listed in part 7019.3030; and


facilities subject to part 7017.1020 shall substitute CEM data in accordance with Code of Federal Regulations, title 40, part 75.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 116.07


21 SR 165; 23 SR 1764

Published Electronically:

November 29, 2007

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes