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If the applicant is requesting the issuance, modification, revocation and reissuance, or reissuance of a major facility substance storage permit, the applicant shall submit the following information to the commissioner:


the information required by part 7001.0050;


for each outdoor tank system:


tank number;


substance stored;


design capacity in gallons;


year of tank's installation;


status of tank as active or out of service under part 7151.8200;


tank construction material;


method of tank fabrication (field-erected or shop-fabricated);


tank wall construction;


tank floor construction;


substance level gauging mechanism;


overfill protection system on tank;


corrosion protection system for the underside of each tank floor;


leak detection system;


aboveground and underground piping location, fabrication, and preventative safeguards;


date of the most recent out-of-service inspection and the method used to evaluate the tank;


the scheduled or estimated date of the next out-of-service inspection; and


secondary containment area information including:


containment area number;


tank number of each tank within the containment area;


volume in gallons of the secondary containment area;


construction materials including the dike walls and basin area; and


the permeability factor of the materials used to construct the containment area;


for each indoor tank:


tank number;


substance stored;


design capacity in gallons; and


indoor containment method;


site geology information:


average or estimated depth to groundwater;


native soil classification, between surface and groundwater;


the calculated or estimated vertical permeability of native soil, not including any containment liner;


average or estimated depth to bedrock;


bedrock type and formation name; and


existing tank or pipe-related site contamination or any investigation indicating no contamination; and


any additional information necessary to process the major facility permit application.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 115.03


23 SR 883

Published Electronically:

July 13, 2009