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Subpart 1.

Minimum requirements.

No person shall be issued a license to conduct a pharmacy located in Minnesota unless the pharmacy:


contains more than 250 square feet in the dispensing and drug storage area;


maintains a prescription dispensing counter at least 18 inches deep that provides two linear feet, which must be kept clear and free of all merchandise and other materials not currently in use in the practice of compounding and dispensing, for each pharmacist and each technician working concurrently on compounding and dispensing; this counter shall provide an additional space for computers if they are used in the dispensing process;


maintains an aisle behind the prescription dispensing counter at least 36 inches wide, extending the full length of the counter, which shall be kept free of obstruction at all times;


is surrounded by a continuous partition or wall extending from the floor to the permanent ceiling, containing doors capable of being securely locked to prevent entry when the pharmacy is closed;


in the case of a community/outpatient pharmacy, contains an area where consultation between the patient and the pharmacist may be conducted with a reasonable assurance of privacy. All new and remodeled community/outpatient pharmacies must meet the standards of this item. A pharmacy licensed before January 1, 2011, must meet the standards within two years of that date, unless the pharmacy has an existing counseling area that has been deemed by the board to provide a reasonable assurance of privacy. If pharmacies use partitions to create a consultation area in which the patient will typically remain standing, the partitions must be sound-dulling and at least seven feet high and 24 inches deep. The patient must be able to enter the partitioned area so that the partitions are on each side of the patient. Consultation areas without partitions may be approved if the board deems the consultation area will provide a reasonable assurance of privacy. Consultation areas must not contain any item for sale apart from the articles needed for counseling sessions. Pharmacists must have access to patient profiles in order to comply with part 6800.0910. Consultation areas must be accessible to the patient from the outside of the prescription dispensing area and be open at all times when the pharmacy is open; and


is lighted to a level of not less than 75-foot candles measured in the major work areas.

Subp. 2.

Satellite waiver.

In the interest of public health, the board may waive subpart 1, item A, for satellite pharmacies located in hospitals.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 151.06; 151.102; 152.02


18 SR 1145; 23 SR 1597; 27 SR 260; 36 SR 237

Published Electronically:

September 21, 2011

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes