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Subpart 1.

Closed waters.

The waters described in this part are closed to commercial taking of minnows:

Lake Location County
A. Amber T.102, R.30 Martin
B. Armstrong T.108, R.29, S.17,18,19,20 Blue Earth
C. Budd T.102, R.30 Martin
D. Eagle T.108, R.25, S.6,7; T.108, R.26, S.1,12; T.109, R.25, S.31; T.109, R.26, S.35,36 Blue Earth
E. Elysian T.108, R.24; T.109, R.24 Le Sueur, Waseca
F. Fox T.102, R.32; T.103, R.32 Martin
G. George T.102, R.30 Martin
H. Hall T.102, R.30 Martin
I. Lydia T.121, R.32, S.33 Meeker
J. Lieberg T.108, R.29, S.15,16,21 Blue Earth
K. Martha T.33, R.20, S.6; T.33, R.21, S.1 Chisago
L. Okabena T.102, R.40 Nobles
M. Sandshore T.34, R.24, S.25,26 Anoka
N. Scotch T.110, R.25, S.22,23,24,26,27 Le Sueur
O. Silver, So. T.101, R.30 Martin
P. Sisseton T.102, R.30 Martin
Q. Warren T.105, R.36, Area--Lake and 100 feet
below dam

Subp. 2.

Waters in southwestern counties.

All streams, stream tributaries, sidechannels, oxbows, backwaters, or other seasonally or permanently connected waters of the Missouri River Watershed that are in Lincoln, Pipestone, Murray, Rock, or Nobles County and that lie south of U.S. Highway 14 to the Iowa border and west of U.S. Highway 59 to the South Dakota border are closed to commercial taking of minnows, except that a licensed minnow dealer, aquatic farm licensee, private fish hatchery licensee, or commercial crayfish permittee who is in possession of a federal endangered species incidental take permit allowing the taking of Topeka shiners (Notropis topeka) as authorized under United States Code, title 16, section 1539, may take minnows in that area. These waters include, but are not limited to, Medary Creek, Flandreau Creek, East Branch Flandreau Creek, Willow Creek, Pipestone Creek, North Branch Pipestone Creek, Split Rock Creek, Beaver Creek, Little Beaver Creek, Springwater Creek, Rock River, East Branch Rock River, Ask Creek, Little Rock River, Little Rock Creek, Kanaranzi Creek, Norwegian Creek, East Branch Kanaranzi Creek, Elk Creek, Champepadan Creek, Mound Creek, Poplar Creek, Chanarambie Creek, North Branch Chanarambie Creek, and Mud Creek.

Subp. 3.

Waters in southeastern counties.

All streams, stream tributaries, side channels, oxbows, backwaters, or other seasonally or permanently connected waters that are in Dodge, Freeborn, or Mower County are closed to commercial taking of tadpole madtoms (Noturus gyrinus) or stonecats (Noturus flavus), except by special permit.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 97A.045; 97A.501; 97C.505


18 SR 83; 28 SR 629; 32 SR 1039

Published Electronically:

October 3, 2013