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6244.0100 PURPOSE.

The purpose of sections 6244.0100 to 6244.2000 is to establish reasonable standards for the rehabilitation of orphaned, sick, and injured wild animals, and to establish a permit system and other criteria for such rehabilitation pursuant to Minnesota Statutes, sections 97A.401 and 97A.418. Sections 6244.0100 to 6244.2000 establish criteria for issuing permits to individuals and to individuals in the name of institutions, to provide for the care, treatment, and release of orphaned and debilitated wild animals obtained by those individuals or received from other parties. The permit process is designed to provide for the participation of selected volunteers to the maximum extent possible consistent with Minnesota Statutes. The intent of sections 6244.0100 to 6244.2000 is to help ensure that all persons engaged in rehabilitation of wild animals are qualified, undergo periodic training, house animals under proper conditions, provide a high level of humane care for animals, and are protected as much as is possible from injury caused by animals or from contracting disease that may be carried by animals. Nothing in sections 6244.0100 to 6244.2000 is intended to authorize ownership or possession of wild animals for purposes other than rehabilitation and release.

Nothing in sections 6244.0100 to 6244.2000 authorizes, or is intended to authorize any person with a wildlife rehabilitation permit to practice veterinary medicine in violation of Minnesota Statutes, chapter 156.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 97A.401; 97A.418


20 SR 2291(NO. 43)

Published Electronically:

October 3, 2013