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6110.3100 SCOPE.

As part of implementing that policy, Minnesota Statutes, sections 86B.205, subdivisions 2 to 5; 103G.605; 103G.621; and 459.20 authorize counties, cities, and towns to regulate by ordinance the use of surface waters by watercraft, upon approval of any such ordinance by the commissioner. Minnesota Statutes, section 86B.205, subdivision 9, paragraph (a), authorizes the commissioner to regulate such use by rule, upon request of a county, city, or town, and after the rule is approved by the majority of the counties affected. Parts 6110.3000 to 6110.4200, however, shall not apply to units of government other than counties, cities, and towns, or to counties, cities, or towns adopting ordinances identical to and on the same body of water as a lake conservation district ordinance.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 361.25; 86B.211

Published Electronically:

October 8, 2013