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Minnesota Legislature

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6100.1400 BOATING.

Boating conforming to Minnesota laws, rules, and local ordinances is permitted on waters within or adjacent to state parks, forest campgrounds, and forest day use areas except that:


no person shall operate a watercraft or motor on a body of water or portion of a body of water specifically posted prohibiting that use;


no person shall moor a watercraft on a beach or area specifically posted prohibiting that use;


on a lake entirely within a state park, no person shall water-ski or operate a motorized watercraft in excess of ten miles per hour, unless the lake is otherwise designated and posted; and


no person shall tie, anchor, or fasten a watercraft to a dock or pier in a manner that prevents free access to the dock or pier, except for short periods of time not to exceed 30 minutes to allow launching or loading of a watercraft or where signs are posted to permit tie ups for longer periods of time.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 14.045; 84.03; 85.052; 85.053; 85.20; 86A.05; 86A.06; 89.031; 89.19 to 89.21; 89.71


14 SR 2497; 24 SR 208

Published Electronically:

June 11, 2008