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Subpart 1.



For purposes of parts 5200.1000 to 5200.1120, contractors must use the following codes and classifications in documenting classes of labor.


Descriptions of the nature of work, typical duties, and typical tools used for each code and classification of labor in subparts 2 and 5 are described in parts 5200.1101 and 5200.1102, respectively. A worker classified by a code under subpart 2 or 5 must be classified by the code and classification that best matches the worker's nature of work, typical duties, and typical tools used.

Subp. 2.


Code No. Position Title
101 Laborer, common (general labor work)
102 Laborer, skilled (assisting skilled craft journeyman)
103 Laborer, Landscaping (gardener, sod layer and nursery operator)
104 Flag person
105 Watch person
106 Blaster
107 Pipelayer (water, sewer and gas)
108 Tunnel miner
109 Underground and open ditch laborer (eight feet below starting grade level)
110 Survey field technician
111 Traffic control person (temporary signage)
112 Quality control tester

Subp. 2a.

Special equipment.

Code No. Position Title
201 Articulated hauler
202 Boom truck
203 Landscaping equipment, includes hydro seeder or mulcher, sod roller, farm tractor with attachment specifically seeding sodding, or plant, and two-framed forklift (excluding front, posi-track, and skid steer loaders), no earthwork or grading for elevations
204 Off-road truck
205 Pavement marking or marking removal equipment (one or two person operators); self-propelled, truck or trailer mounted units. The nature of the work performed by the operator of this equipment is the application of and removal of pavement marking. Normally paint is applied, but tape is also used to mark these lines. The systems on this equipment include skip line controllers, paint and bead monitoring, air pressure regulators, paint agitators and heaters, marking tape, water jet cutting, line marking grinders, vacuum collection, footage counters, mounted video camera, and laser alignment guiding tools.

Subp. 3.

Power equipment operators - highway and heavy projects.

For purposes of parts 5200.1000 to 5200.1120, contractors must use codes and classifications in this subpart for paying and documenting equipment operators working on highway and heavy type construction projects.

Code No. Position Title
Group 2
302 Helicopter pilot
303 Concrete pump
304 All cranes with over 135-foot boom, excluding jib
305 Dragline, crawler, hydraulic backhoe (track or wheel mounted) and/or other similar equipment with shovel-type controls three cubic yards and over manufacturer's rated capacity including all attachments
306 Grader or motor patrol
307 Pile driving
308 Tugboat - 100 h.p. and over when license required
Group 3
309 Asphalt bituminous stabilizer plant
310 Cableway
311 Concrete mixer, stationary plant
312 Derrick (guy or stiffleg) (power) (skids or stationary)
313 Dragline, crawler, hydraulic backhoe (track or wheel mounted) and/or similar equipment with shovel-type controls, up to three cubic yards manufacturer's rated capacity including all attachments
314 Dredge or engineers, dredge (power) and engineer
315 Front end loader, five cubic yards and over including attachments
316 Locomotive crane operator
317 Mixer (paving) concrete paving, road mole, including mucking operations, Conway or similar type
318 Mechanic - welder on power equipment
319 Tractor - boom type
320 Tandem scraper
321 Truck crane - crawler crane
322 Tugboat 100 h.p. and over
Group 4
323 Air track rock drill
324 Automatic road machine (CMI or similar)
325 Backfiller operator
326 Concrete batch plant operator
327 Bituminous rollers, rubber tired or steel drummed (eight tons and over)
328 Bituminous spreader and finishing machines (power), including pavers, macro surfacing and micro surfacing, or similar types (operator and screed person)
329 Brokk or R.T.C. remote control or similar type with all attachments
330 Cat challenger tractors or similar types pulling rock wagons, bulldozers, and scrapers
331 Chip harvester and tree cutter
332 Concrete distributor and spreader finishing machine, longitudinal float, joint machine, and spray machine
333 Concrete mixer on jobsite
334 Concrete mobil
335 Crushing plant (gravel and stone) or gravel washing, crushing and screening plant
336 Curb machine
337 Directional boring machine
338 Dope machine (pipeline)
339 Drill rigs, heavy rotary or churn or cable drill
340 Dual tractor
341 Elevating grader
342 Fork lift or straddle carrier
343 Fork lift or lumber stacker
344 Front end, posi-track, or skid steer loaders, over one cubic yard up to five cubic yards with attachments
345 GPS remote operating of equipment
346 Hoist engineer (power)
347 Hydraulic tree planter
348 Launcher person (tanker person or pilot license)
349 Locomotive
350 Milling, grinding, planing, fine grade, or trimmer machine
351 Multiple machines, such as air compressors, welding machines, generators, pumps
352 Pavement breaker or tamping machine (power driven) might mite similar type
353 Pickup sweeper, one cubic yard and over hopper capacity
354 Pipeline wrapping, cleaning or bending machine
355 Power plant engineer, 100 KWH and over
356 Power actuated horizontal boring machine, over six inches
357 Pugmill
358 Pumpcrete
359 Rubber-tired farm tractor with backhoe including attachments
360 Scraper
361 Self-propelled soil stabilizer
362 Slip form (power driven) (paving)
363 Tie tamper and ballast machine
364 Tractor, bulldozer
365 Tractor, wheel type, over 50 h.p. with PTO unrelated to landscaping
366 Trenching machine (sewer, water, gas) excludes walk behind trencher
367 Tub grinder, morbark, or similar type
368 Well point dismantling or installation
Group 5
369 Air compressor, 600 CFM or over
370 Bituminous roller (under eight tons)
371 Concrete saw (multiple blade) (power operated)
372 Form trench digger (power)
373 Front end, skid steer, or posi-track loaders, up to and including one cubic yard with attachments
374 Gunite gunall
375 Hydraulic log splitter
376 Loader (barber greene or similar type)
377 Post hole driving machine/post hole auger
378 Power actuated auger and boring machine
379 Power actuated jack
380 Pump
381 Self-propelled chip spreader (flaherty or similar)
382 Sheep foot compactor with blade - 200 h.p. and over
383 Shouldering machine (power) apsco or similar type including self-propelled sand and chip spreader
384 Stump chipper and tree chipper
385 Tree farmer (machine)
Group 6
387 Cat, challenger, or similar type of tractors, when pulling disk or roller
388 Conveyor
389 Dredge deck hand
390 Fire person or tank car heater
391 Gravel screening plant (portable not crushing or washing)
392 Greaser (tractor)
393 Lever person
394 Oiler (power shovel, crane, truck crane, dragline, crushers, and milling machines, or other similar heavy equipment)
395 Power sweeper
396 Sheep foot roller and rollers on gravel compaction, including vibrating rollers
397 Tractor, wheel type, over 50 h.p., unrelated to landscaping

Subp. 3a.

Power equipment operators commercial projects.

For purposes of parts 5200.1000 to 5200.1120, contractors must use codes and classifications in this subpart for paying and documenting power equipment operators working on commercial type projects.

Code No. Position Title
Group 1
501 Helicopter pilot
502 Tower crane 250 feet and over
503 Truck or crawler crane with 200 feet of boom and over, including jib
Group 2
504 Concrete pump with 50 meters/164 feet of boom and over
505 Pile driving when three drums in use
506 Tower crane 200 feet and over
507 Truck or crawler crane with 150 feet of boom up to and not including 200 feet, including jib
Group 3
508 All-terrain vehicle cranes
509 Concrete pump 32-49 meters/102-164 feet
510 Derrick (guy & stiffleg)
511 Stationary tower crane up to 200 feet
512 Self-erecting tower crane 100 feet and over measured from boom foot pin
513 Traveling tower crane
514 Truck or crawler crane up to and not including 150 feet of boom, including jib
Group 4
515 Crawler backhoe including attachments
516 Fireperson, chief boiler license
517 Hoist engineer (three drums or more)
518 Locomotive
519 Overhead crane (inside building perimeter)
520 Tractor - boom type
Group 5
521 Air compressor 450 CFM or over (two or more machines)
522 Concrete mixer
523 Concrete pump up to 31 meters/101 feet of boom
524 Drill rigs, heavy rotary or churn or cable drill when used for caisson for elevator or building construction
525 Forklift
526 Front end, posi-track, and skid steer type loaders one cubic yard and over, including attachments
527 Hoist engineer (one or two drums)
528 Mechanic-welder (on power equipment)
529 Power plant (100 KW and over or multiples equal to 100 KW and over)
530 Pump operator and/or conveyor (two or more machines)
531 Self-erecting tower crane under 100 feet measured from boom foot pin
532 Straddle carrier
533 Tractor over D2
534 Well point pump
Group 6
535 Concrete batch plant
536 Fireperson, first class boiler license
537 Front end, posi-track, and skid steer type loaders up to one cubic yard, including attachments
538 Gunite machine
539 Tractor operator D2 or similar size
540 Trenching machine (sewer, water, gas) excludes walk behind trencher
Group 7
541 Air compressor 600 CFM or over
542 Brakeperson
543 Concrete pump/pumpcrete or complaco type
544 Fireperson, temporary heat second class boiler license
545 Oiler (power shovel, crane, truck crane, dragline, crushers and milling machines, or other similar power equipment)
546 Pick-up sweeper (one cubic yard hopper capacity)
547 Pump and/or conveyor
Group 8
548 Elevator operator
549 Greaser
550 Mechanical space heater (temporary heat no boiler license required)

Subp. 4.

Truck drivers.

Code No. Position Title
Group 1
601 Mechanic - welder (on vehicles in Code Nos. 602 through 616)
602 Tractor trailer driver
603 Truck driver (hauling machinery including operation of hand and power operated winches)
Group 2
604 Four or more axle unit, straight body truck
Group 3
605 Bituminous distributor driver
606 Bituminous distributor (one person operation)
607 Three axle units
Group 4
608 Bituminous distributor spray operator (rear and oiler)
609 Dump person
610 Greaser
611 Pilot car driver
612 Rubber-tired, self-propelled packer, under eight tons
613 Two axle unit
614 Slurry operator
615 Tank truck helper (gas, oil, road oil, and water)
616 Tractor operator, under 50 h.p.

Subp. 4a.


For the purposes of subpart 4, "unit" refers to all axles including the steering axle.

Subp. 5.

Special crafts.

Code No. Position Title
701 Heating and frost insulators
702 Boilermakers
703 Bricklayers
704 Carpenters
705 Carpet layers (linoleum)
706 Cement masons
707 Electricians
708 Elevator constructors
709 Glaziers
710 Lathers
711 Ground person
712 Ironworkers
713 Lineman
714 Millwright
715 Painters (including hand brushed, hand sprayed, and the hand taping of pavement markings)
716 Piledriver
717 Pipefitters - steamfitters
718 Plasterers
719 Plumbers
720 Roofer/waterproofer
721 Sheet metal workers
722 Sprinkler fitters
723 Terrazzo workers
724 Tile setters
725 Tile finishers
726 Drywall taper
727 Wiring system technician; technology circuits or systems technician
728 Wiring system installer; technology circuits or systems installer
729 Asbestos abatement worker or environmental remediation worker
730 Sign erector

Subp. 6.

Wage determinations.

Wage determinations shall be made for other classifications not listed if such other classifications are in general use in the area being surveyed.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 14.06; 175.171; 177.28; 177.41 to 177.44


15 SR 965; 17 SR 1279; 19 SR 482; 21 SR 1107; 33 SR 1598; 33 SR 1695; 35 SR 1711

Published Electronically:

June 29, 2011

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes