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Subpart 1.

Job placement.

Applicant contracts with employment agencies engaged in the placement of applicants shall contain all of the following statements unless language less restrictive to the applicant is approved by the department:


"I understand that a fee shall be due if I accept the position I am referred to or any position the employer offers me within 90 calendar days of the last contact between the agency and the company in reference to me. The fee shall be based on the position accepted. The agency shall inform me of all contacts made subsequent to my interviews with the employer."


"I understand that if an employer I am referred to sends me to another employer, whose job I accept, a fee is due."


"I understand that only one fee is payable for a position. If I am referred to the same position by two agencies, the fee shall be due the agent who first described the specific opening and gave the name of the employer, provided the interview with the employer is arranged by the agent within ten calendar days and is subsequently consummated."


"I understand that if the agency sends an employer my resume and I contact that employer on my own before being notified of the agency contact, I am not obligated to the agency for a fee unless I specifically request that the agency pursue this particular contact."

Where the applicant undertakes no fee liability of any nature, the contract, as an alternative to items A to D, may read: "I understand that I am not liable for any fee and that compensation to the agency is to be settled between the employer and the agency."

Subp. 2.

Job listing.

Applicant contracts with job listing services shall contain the following statement: "I understand that a fee shall be due the job listing service at the time of contractual arrangements. No other fee shall be collected for services rendered, provided that fees for job placement may be charged and the fee arrangement for placement shall be contained in a separate contract."

Statutory Authority:

MS s 184.24


13 SR 2868

Published Electronically:

June 11, 2008