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Subpart 1.


The completion certificate is the standard approved state certificate. This certificate must be signed by the commissioner of labor and industry, director of apprenticeship, a representative of the local joint apprenticeship committee, the employer, and representative from the union if a bargaining agreement exists. For those trades for which a state license is issued by a state licensing authority, issuance of the certificate of completion of apprenticeship is conditioned on the apprentice having secured the appropriate license and is a part of the registered standards for licensed trades.

Subp. 2.

Written request from sponsor.

Before any certificate of completion is issued, the division must receive a request in writing from the sponsor. If the employer does not request the completion certificate or refuses to sign a certificate, the director of the division, after investigating the circumstances, shall issue the certificate without the employer's request or signature, providing the apprentice has fully completed the program in compliance with the terms of the apprenticeship agreement.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 178.041


9 SR 2008; L 2014 c 305 s 30

Published Electronically:

January 7, 2015