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The applicant shall provide an application in the form prescribed by the agency. The application must include:


a description of the population to be served and its need for rental assistance;


a description of the applicant's service area and goals and objectives in providing rental assistance;


a description of how the applicant will:


recruit and select tenants for participation;


terminate tenants from its rental assistance program; and


locate rental housing units;


a plan for transitioning tenants off housing trust fund program rental assistance;


a description of the applicant's experience and ability to administer a tenant-based, sponsor-based, or project-based rental assistance program or its partnership with an organization that has this experience and ability;


a detailed budget for the rental assistance, including how the applicant will determine the amount of rental subsidy that it will pay on behalf of the tenants, and administrative fees as permitted by part 4900.3767, subpart 6;


a description of how the applicant will ensure that the rental assistance is used only in rental housing units that meet the requirements set forth in Minnesota Statutes, section 462A.201, subdivision 2, paragraph (c);


if the administrator plans to allow more than annual recertifications of tenant income, a description of how often and under what circumstances recertification will be allowed;


specific documentation, as required by the agency, that will allow the agency to evaluate the ability of the proposal to meet the selection standards in part 4900.3765 and the funding priorities in part 4900.3766; and


a description of how the administrator will notify tenants of the opportunity for a meeting to consider decisions of the administrator under parts 4900.3767 and 4900.3768.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 462A.06


26 SR 1511; 29 SR 1479

Published Electronically:

June 11, 2008