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The applicant must submit an application in the form and at the time prescribed by the agency. At a minimum, the application must include pertinent details on the following:


information describing the site of development, including the location, present use and zoning, surrounding land uses, and physical characteristics of the site that might affect construction;


a description of the development, including the building type, the size and number of dwelling units, and the characteristics of the development that make it appropriate for residency by households;


information with respect to the market for the development, including reports of market surveys or analyses and documentation of need for the development;


a description of the acquisition, rehabilitation, or new construction to be completed, including a schedule of the proposed uses of any requested loan funds and the amounts proposed to be allocated to each use;


a budget for the development showing all development costs, operating costs, sources of financing sought or secured, proposed rent schedule, and any other sources of income; and


a timetable for completion of the development.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 462A.06


19 SR 1150

Published Electronically:

June 11, 2008