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A proposal must be on a form approved by the commissioner and must:


include the name, telephone number, and address of the proposer or other authorized person who can be contacted by the commissioner or the INTERCOM with questions regarding the proposal;


include the name and address of the nursing home or boarding care home for which the project is being proposed;


be signed by an authorized representative of the entity submitting the proposal;


state whether the proposal is for renovation, replacement, conversion, or upgrading;


describe the problem the proposal will address;


include schematic drawings and an outline of specifications, prepared by a registered architect, for all construction projects including replacement and renovation;


include a cost estimate, prepared by a contractor or architect and other participants in the development of the proposal, for the project described by the drawings and outline of specifications required by item F, including costs of buildings, attached fixtures, land improvements, construction site preparation, and related soft costs;


provide current estimated long-term financing costs of the proposal, including amount and sources of money, bond fund reserve, or other similar reserves as required under the proposed financing mechanisms, annual payments scheduled, interest rates, length of term, closing costs and fees, and insurance costs that are directly related to the building, attached fixtures, land, land improvements, and building site preparation;


state the current cost of real estate taxes and special assessments for the facility and also an estimate of those that would be assessed if the proposal were implemented;


state the current annual care-related and other operating costs and also an estimation of these costs for the first 24 months after completion of the project if the proposal were implemented;


describe the environmental conditions in the facility that are reviewed under part 4655.1084, subpart 10, and any proposed changes in those conditions;


for proposals involving replacement of all or part of a facility, provide the property identification number and a general description of the proposed location of a replacement facility;


provide an estimate of the costs of renovation as an alternative to replacement or of replacement as an alternative to renovation;


include the estimated beginning date of construction for renovation and replacements and the proposed timetable for completion of construction;


briefly explain why the proposer chose replacement rather than renovation or renovation rather than replacement; and


a statement concerning any licensure or certification orders, deficiencies, or substantiated complaints or sanctions during the 24 months prior to submission of the proposal.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 144A.071; 144A.073


20 SR 340

Published Electronically:

January 19, 2005

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes