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Subpart 1.


All sewage and other water carried wastes shall be discharged into a municipal sewage system which is being operated under a permit issued by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency whenever such a system is available. When such a system is not available, a sewage disposal system acceptable to the commissioner of health and the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency shall be provided. All sewer lines shall be located in trenches of sufficient depth to be free of breakage from traffic or other movements and shall be separated from the park water supply system by at least ten feet, unless special acceptable construction of sewer lines is provided.

Subp. 2.

Location and construction of sewer lines.

All sewer lines shall be constructed of materials approved by the commissioner of health, shall be adequately vented, and shall have water tight joints. Individual site sewer connections shall be at least a four-inch diameter sewer riser pipe. The sewer connections shall consist of one pipe line only without any branch fittings. All joints shall be water tight. All materials used for sewer connections shall be corrosive resistant, nonabsorbent, and durable. The inner surface shall be smooth. Provisions shall be made for capping the sewer riser pipe when a mobile home or recreational camping vehicle does not occupy the site. Surface drainage shall be directed away from the riser; the rim of the riser pipe shall extend at least 4 inches above ground elevation.

Subp. 3.

Compliance with Pollution Control Agency standards.

Systems of sewage disposal utilizing the discharge of effluents to bodies of surface water must receive the approval and comply with the water quality and effluent standards and system design criteria established by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. All systems utilizing soil absorption for final disposal of effluent shall comply with and receive the approval of the commissioner of health. No soil absorption system shall be installed in soil which has a percolation rate of less than one inch in 60 minutes, or where the groundwater table rises to within four feet of the bottom of a proposed absorption pit or trench, or where such system shall adversely affect the ground water used for potable water supplies. All buried portions of a sewage disposal system shall be located at least 50 feet horizontally from the ordinary high water level of any body of surface water.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 327.10 to 327.28


L 1977 c 305 s 39

Published Electronically:

February 8, 2005