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This part applies to special event food stands.


In conjunction with the notice of opening required in part 4626.1750, the applicant for a license to operate a special event food stand shall provide to the regulatory authority information on the:


sources of the food;


type and volume of food to be served, held, prepared, packaged, or otherwise provided for human consumption;


equipment used to serve, hold, prepare, package, or otherwise provide food for human consumption;


time period and location of operation;


facilities for washing hands;


facilities for multiuse utensil and warewashing for other than prepackaged products;


source of water; and


methods of liquid and solid waste disposal.


Dry ice or cold packs may be substituted for the mechanical refrigeration required in parts 4626.0375 and 4626.0395 if the temperatures in parts 4626.0370 to 4626.0420 are maintained. Mechanical refrigeration shall be available for potentially hazardous foods held for four hours or longer.


Drained ice may be used as a cooling medium only for water-impervious beverage containers.


Domestic slow cookers are prohibited.


Food preparation and cooking areas shall be protected by an impervious shield or by a separation distance to ensure customer safety and prevent food contamination by customers.


A handwashing device supplied with running water at a temperature between 21 degrees C and 43.5 degrees C (70 degrees F and 110 degrees F), soap, nail brush, and paper towels shall be provided at all stands where food is prepared.


Water shall be supplied under pressure or by gravity with a faucet.


A water inlet shall be protected from contamination and designed to preclude attachment of a nonpotable service connection.


A water tank shall comply with the provisions for an alternate water supply specified in parts 4626.1035 and 4626.1135 to 4626.1175.


A stand shall provide protection during adverse weather by its construction or location. Food activities shall cease if protection fails.


Single-service disposable eating and drinking utensils shall be used.


For warewashing multiuse utensils, a washing facility shall be available consisting of at least three containers of sufficient size to immerse utensils.


Space shall be provided for air drying kitchenware, tableware, and utensils.


Towel drying is prohibited.


The sanitization procedures specified in parts 4626.0895 to 4626.0905 shall be used.


For stands that are disassembled after each use, a gravity-fed handwashing device and three containers of sufficient size to immerse utensils may be used in lieu of the requirements of items F and G, if:


only beverages are served from an original container or bulk beverage dispenser;


only prepackaged nonpotentially hazardous food is sold, prepared, or served; or


the menu is limited to prepackaged potentially hazardous foods cooked or prepared to order, or precut or prewashed foods that have been obtained from a licensed food establishment.


A waste holding tank and waste removal shall comply with parts 4626.1180 to 4626.1220.


The regulatory authority may restrict the type of food served or the method of food preparation based on equipment limitations, the unavailability of a permanent establishment for utensil and warewashing, adverse climatic conditions, or any other condition that poses a hazard to public health.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 31.101; 31.11; 144.05; 144.08; 144.12; 157.011


23 SR 519

Published Electronically:

October 11, 2007

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes