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4626.0160 GAME ANIMALS. 3-201.17


Game animals commercially raised for food must be raised, slaughtered, and processed under an inspection program that is conducted by the USDA under Code of Federal Regulations, title 9, part 352, or the Minnesota Department of Agriculture under Minnesota Statutes, section 17.452, subdivision 8.P1


Exotic species of animals, including animals raised for exhibition purposes in a zoo or circus, must:


comply with item A, or receive antemortem and postmortem examination by a veterinarian or a veterinarian's designee, approved by the regulatory authority;P1 and


be slaughtered and processed according to Minnesota Statutes, chapters 31 and 31A, and rules adopted thereunder governing meat and poultry as determined by the USDA as specified in Code of Federal Regulations, title 9, or under laws and rules of another state that are equivalent to the Minnesota laws and rules specified in this part.P1


Wild animals lawfully taken and donated according to part 6230.1500 and Minnesota Statutes, section 97A.505, and donated to a charitable organization registered under Minnesota Statutes, chapter 309, are approved if:


only pure wild animals are donated;P1


the intact animal is properly cleaned, stored, and processed in an establishment that complies with chapters 1540 and 1545, and Minnesota Statutes, chapters 28A, 31, 31A, and 157, as those rules and laws relate to the licensing, processing, and storage of food;P1


evisceration was accomplished within 2 hours after harvest;P1 and


a written sanitation standard operating procedure that includes the entire process used to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination from wild animal processing to retail products is implemented and available for inspection.P1

Statutory Authority:

MS s 31.101; 31.11; 144.05; 144.07; 144.08; 144.12; 157.011


23 SR 519; 43 SR 295

Published Electronically:

January 2, 2019

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes