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Subpart 1.


Razors, shears, combs, clipper blades, hairbrush, and all other instruments or appliances that come in contact with the head, neck, or face must be thoroughly cleaned and sanitized by submersion for a minimum of two minutes after use on each patron. As an alternative to submersion, clipper blades and shears may be treated by spraying them with a commercial spray containing active ingredients not less than 0.25 percent o-phenyl phenol, 11.00 percent isopropyl alcohol, and 88.75 percent inert ingredients. As an extra measure, instruments may be wiped or sprayed with a solution of 10:1 household bleach before being used. When not in use, they must be kept in a clean closed compartment provided for and used only for storage of instruments. Styptic pencil and lump alum are positively prohibited. Contact with raw blood or body fluids should be avoided. If accidentally exposed, immediate washing with soap and running water is required.

Subp. 2.


All barber shops and barber schools shall have in use at all times at each chair a wet or dip sanitizer which is adequate in size to accommodate all instruments to be used on each patron. The wet sanitizer shall contain a suitable chemical bactericide solution which shall be bacteriologically effective, such as 0.1 percent suitable quaternary ammonium compound, or by other means having a solution equivalent to five percent phenol, or other chemical sanitizing agent having equivalent bactericidal effect. The chemical solution shall be changed daily or more often, as needed.

One dip disinfectant solution container will be kept for each barber chair in operation. Instruments immersed in the dip disinfectant solution container will be carefully rinsed in warm running water before use. Failure to provide a sink or dip disinfectant solution container constitutes prima facie evidence that instruments are not properly sanitized.

At least one sink or lavatory must be provided in each room, booth, stall, compartment, or the immediate area in which barbers work. If more than two barber chairs are in any room, booth, stall, or compartment, at least one sink or lavatory must be provided for each two barber chairs at which the barbers work. Each barber must have free access to the sink or lavatory without obstruction from other chairs, partitions, wall dividers, or other barriers.

Subp. 3.


A dispensary must be located in each barber shop and each barber school where hot and cold running water is not present within five feet of the working chair. A dispensary is a room, booth, or area where implements will be cleansed, disinfected, and stored. A dispensary must contain the following furnishings:


A container large enough to accommodate all soiled implements in which those instruments, such as combs and brushes, can be totally immersed for washing. All nonimmersive or electrical implements such as clippers, clipper blades, and shears must be sprayed according to subpart 1.


One sink with hot and cold running water to cleanse implements mentioned in item A to be used for washing of hands before serving each patron.


A container with suitable chemical bactericide solution to accommodate and immerse all immersible implements after being washed for at least two minutes before being used or stored.


A container large enough for storage of clean disinfected implements.


A container filled with fresh disinfectant solution in which razors will be stored or dipped at least two minutes before being used.

Subp. 4.

Hand washing.

Hands shall be washed with soap and running water immediately before serving each and every patron.

Subp. 5.

Implement storage.

Implements that require washing and disinfecting by total immersion must not be stored at the work station unless running water is present at the working chair.

Subp. 6.

Shampoo sinks.

The shampoo area shall have one shampoo sink for each six chairs.

Subp. 7.

Minimum implements.

Each barber shall have at least 15 combs and ten brushes.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 154.24


13 SR 1916

Published Electronically:

December 6, 2017