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1572.0010 DEFINITIONS.

Subpart 1.


The definitions in this part apply to parts 1572.0010 to 1572.0050.

Subp. 2.


"Arbitration" means a process by which the parties to a dispute submit their differences to the judgment of an impartial party. The arbitrator's role is to hear the parties' arguments and issue a decision or grant an award, resolving the dispute.

Subp. 3.


"Commissioner" means the commissioner of agriculture or a designee.

Subp. 4.


"Contract" means a legally enforceable agreement between two or more parties. Contract includes a written commodity contract signed by all parties. If the parties have not signed a written commodity contract, contract includes an invoice, purchase order, memorandum, or confirmation of sale unless the terms of the document have been objected to by a party to the proposed agreement within ten days of receipt of the document by the objecting party. Contract does not include a grain scale ticket.

Subp. 5.


"Mediation" means a process by which parties to a dispute jointly explore and resolve all or a part of their differences with the assistance of a neutral person. The mediator's role is to assist the parties in resolving the dispute. The mediator has no authority to impose a settlement.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 17.945


15 SR 1924

Published Electronically:

May 13, 2004