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1550.1890 PREMISES.

All grounds on which canning factories, warehouses, viners, and other buildings used are located must be properly graded to provide natural drainage, thus preventing accumulation of stagnant water and other material. No litter, waste, or refuse shall be allowed to accumulate in or around the buildings or yards. Weeds shall be removed, grass lawns with flowers or shrubbery shall be kept trimmed and properly maintained, roadbeds built and graveled. An application of road oil is recommended where such road is in close proximity to the rooms in which picking tables are located or the rooms in which blanchers and fillers are located. Factories preparing food products shall be located so as to receive and distribute their products promptly without danger of damage or deterioration and shall not be located in the immediate vicinity or any other industry which may be objectionable.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 31.101; 31.36

Published Electronically:

September 23, 2013