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Germicidal treatment shall be applied to all beverage coolers periodically. Such germicidal treatment shall follow a thorough cleaning of the cooler, and shall consist of subjecting the entire cooler surface which comes in contact with beverage containers to either hot water, heated to a minimum temperature of 180 degrees Fahrenheit, for a minimum period of three minutes or to a chemical germicidal treatment approved by the commissioner or the commissioner's agents. Those in which ice or water is used as a refrigerant shall be drained of water daily and cleaned, then refilled with clean potable water and ice, to which a germicidal solution approved by the commissioner or the commissioner's agents shall be added in minimum amounts of 200 parts per million of the available active ingredient of the germicide used.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 31.10; 31.77


17 SR 1279

Published Electronically:

September 23, 2013