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Construction and design of equipment and utensils shall be considered satisfactory when the following conditions are met:


Product contact surfaces are constructed of smooth, nontoxic, corrosion-resistant, odorless material.


Product contact surfaces are free of cracks, crevices, pits, or other imperfections that contribute to insanitary conditions.


Equipment is positioned for easy cleaning; it is a minimum of six inches from the floor and 18 inches from the walls and ceiling, except such stationary equipment which is sealed to walls, floors, or ceilings in a sanitary manner that does not harbor insects, rodents, or filth. However, the exceptions to this requirement are supporting bases and equipment that pass through ceilings, walls, and floors.


The distances between machines shall be large enough for convenient use of the machines as intended and for accessibility for cleaning and inspection.


Equipment is designed to prevent accidental contamination of the product or product contact surfaces with extraneous material (e.g., lubricants).


Equipment is easily cleanable. Equipment which is used in handling readily perishable items is either easily demountable or can be cleaned in place.


Compressed air introduced into the product area is filtered. If piston-type compressors are used, the air lines are equipped with oil and water traps.


The electrical wiring system, including conduits, switch boxes, and control panels, is so constructed and installed to prevent insect harborage.


Equipment and utensils are used only for the purpose intended.


Equipment and utensils are kept in good repair.


Bakery equipment, when purchased or replaced, shall be of the design, construction, and materials, and shall be installed as to comply with the standards of the Baking Industry Sanitation Standards Committee, 1994 and subsequent editions, as follows. The standards are incorporated by reference. They are not subject to frequent change, and are available through the Minitex interlibrary loan system.


Standard No. 1 Equipment for Handling and Storing Dry Ingredients.


Standard No. 2 Dough Troughs.


Standard No. 3 Mechanical Intermediate Proofers.


Standard No. 4 Mechanical Washers.


Standard No. 5 Cake Depositors, and Icing Machines.


Standard No. 6 Horizontal and Vertical Mixers.


Standard No. 7 Conveyors.


Standard No. 8 Dividers, Rounders and Bun Machines.


Standard No. 9 Bread Moulders.


Standard No. 10 Prefabricated Enclosures and Air Conditioning Equipment for Fermentation, Proofing, Cooling and Retarding.


Standard No. 11 Ingredient Water Coolers and Ice Makers (Atmospheric Type).


Standard No. 12 Coating Equipment.


Standard No. 13 Cutting and Slicing Equipment.


Standard No. 14 Ovens.


Standard No. 15 Caster Assemblies and Wheels.


Standard No. 16 Doughnut Equipment.


Standard No. 17 Pan Greasers.


Standard No. 18 Continuous Mix Equipment.


Standard No. 19 Spindle Mixers.


Standard No. 20 Liquid Ferment Equipment.


Standard No. 21 Dough Chutes, Dough Hoppers, Dough Trough Hoists and Automatic Dough Trough Dumps.


Standard No. 22 Depanners and Delidders for Bakery Products.


Standard No. 23 Weighing Systems.


Standard No. 24 Racks, Pan Trucks and Dollies.


Standard No. 25 Kettles and Accessory Equipment.


Standard No. 26 Liquid Measuring Systems.


Standard No. 27 Equipment Handling.


Standard No. 29 Electric Motors and Accessory Equipment.


Standard No. 30 Distribution Cabinets and Containers.


Standard No. 31 Pie Make-up Equipment.


Standard No. 32 Icing and Glazing Machines.


Standard No. 33 Coolers for Bakery Foods.


Standard No. 34 Portable Ingredient Containers.


Standard No. 35 Baking Pans.


Standard No. 37 Packaging and Package Handling Equipment.


Standard No. 38 Particle Size Reduction Equipment.


Standard No. 39 Dough Forming Equipment.


Standard No. 40 Sandwiching Equipment for Cookies and Crackers.


Standard No. 41 Pretzel Equipment.


Standard No. 42 Sugar Wafer, Wafer, and Sugar Rolled Cone Batter Systems.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 31.10; 31.101; 31.11; 31.77; 144.05; 144.08; 144.12; 157.011


23 SR 519

Published Electronically:

September 23, 2013