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Subpart 1.

Label information requirements for ALM bulk delivery.

ALM offered for sale, sold, distributed, or disposed of in this state in bulk must have a written label accompanying a delivery and supplied to any purchaser or end user. The label must contain the following information:


the distributor's or producer's name, address, telephone number, and source of production or stockpile location;


the purchaser's name and address;


the date of sale or transfer;


the type of ALM listed as one of the following:


"calcium oxide," which is the chemical compound composed of calcium and oxygen. It is formed from calcium carbonate by heating limestone to drive off the carbon dioxide. Also known as quick lime, unslated lime, burnt lime, and caustic lime, it does not occur in nature;


"fluid grade ALM," which is ALM that is applied in a suspended formulation;


"hydrated lime," which is a material made from burnt lime that consists of calcium hydroxide or a combination of calcium hydroxide with either magnesium oxide, magnesium hydroxide, or both;


"industrial or municipal by-product ALM," which is industrial waste or by-product, or the by-product of an industrial production process or municipal water or waste treatment process containing calcium or magnesium compounds, or both, in a form that neutralizes soil acidity;


"marl," which is a granular or loosely consolidated earthy material composed largely of shell fragments and calcium or magnesium carbonate, or both;


"pelleted ALM," which is ALM of any type that is manufactured and marketed in a pelleted formulation;


"quarry ALM," which is ALM that results from the grinding or sieving of limestone at a quarry or other production site and that is applied on agricultural land without further processing or alteration;


"slag," which is a by-product ALM made of calcium-magnesium aluminosilicate (Ca-MgSi03) resulting from the manufacturing of pig-iron; or


"woodash," which is a by-product ALM resulting from wood burning processes;


the minimum pounds of ENP per ton, accurate to within three percent;


the weight or cubic yards of ALM distributed;


the approximate weight, in pounds, per cubic yard if ALM is being distributed by the cubic yard; and


for exempt ALM distributors and producers, a list of any charges for ALM, transportation, or application.

Subp. 2.

Label information requirements for bags and other container types.

ALM packaged in bags and other container types that are distributed, offered for sale, sold, or disposed of in this state for agricultural use must have a label on either the face, display, or back side of the bag or container or printed on tags affixed to the upper end of the container, stating in a clear, legible, and conspicuous form the following required information:


the distributor's or producer's name and address;


the minimum pounds of ENP per ton, accurate to within three percent; and


the net weight.

Distributors and producers of ALM packaged in bags or other container types must also provide a written or printed ticket or invoice accompanying distribution containing the information specified in subpart 1, items C to F.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 18C.575


18 SR 390

Published Electronically:

January 14, 2005

Official Publication of the State of Minnesota
Revisor of Statutes