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1105.6200 ACTION BY BOARD.


An application pursuant to part 1105.6100 must ordinarily be processed by the board upon the basis of the materials submitted in support of it, supplemented by any additional inquiries required by the board or its complaint committee. At the board's discretion, a hearing may be held by the board or its complaint committee on an application following procedures the board may find suitable for the particular case.


The board may impose appropriate terms and conditions for reinstatement of a certificate, registration, permit, or privileges under Minnesota Statutes, section 326A.14, or modification of a suspension, revocation, or discipline.


In considering an application under part 1105.6100, the board may consider all activities of the applicant since the disciplinary penalty from which relief is sought was imposed, the offense for which the applicant was disciplined, the applicant's activities during the time the certificate, registration, privileges under Minnesota Statutes, section 326A.14, or permit was in good standing, the applicant's rehabilitative efforts, restitution to damaged parties in the matter for which the penalty was imposed, the applicant's general reputation for truth and professional probity, and factors described in part 1105.2450.


No application for reinstatement may be considered while the applicant is under sentence for any criminal offense, including any period during which the applicant is on court-imposed probation or parole.

Statutory Authority:

MS s 326.18; 326A.02


27 SR 1425; 33 SR 476

Published Electronically:

September 18, 2008