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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes

Key: (1) language to be deleted (2) new language


                         Laws of Minnesota 1984 

                        CHAPTER 536-H.F.No. 1982
           An act relating to towns; authorizing contracts with 
          nonprofit organizations; amending Minnesota Statutes 
          1982, section 365.10. 
    Section 1.  Minnesota Statutes 1982, section 365.10, is 
amended to read: 
    365.10 [TOWN MEETINGS, POWERS.] 
    The electors of each town have power, at their annual town 
    (1) To determine the locations of pounds, and number of 
poundmasters, and to discontinue any such pounds; 
    (2) To select such town officers as are to be chosen; 
    (3) To make such lawful orders and bylaws as they deem 
proper for restraining horses, cattle, sheep, swine, and other 
domestic animals from going at large on the highways, and 
provide for impounding such animals so going at large; 
    (4) To fix penalties for violations of any order or bylaw 
made by such town, except such as relate to the keeping and 
maintaining of fences; 
    (5) To vote money for the repair and construction of roads 
and bridges, and determine the amount thereof to be assessed as 
labor tax, and to vote such sums as they deem expedient for 
other town expenses, including the construction and maintenance 
of docks and breakwaters; 
    (6) When they deem it for the interest of the town to 
direct that a specified amount of the poll and road tax be 
expended, under the direction of their town board, on the roads 
of an adjoining town; 
     (7) To authorize the town board to sell and convey or lease 
any real or personal property belonging to the town, not 
conveyed to and required to be held by the town for a special 
     (8) To authorize the town board to purchase or build a town 
hall or other building for the use of the town, and to 
determine, by ballot, the amount of money to be raised for that 
purpose; but, if a site for a town hall is once obtained, it 
shall not be changed for another site, except by vote therefor 
designating a new site by two-thirds of the votes cast at such 
election of the legal voters of the town; 
     (9) To authorize the town board, by vote, to purchase 
grounds for a town cemetery, and limit the price to be paid, and 
to vote a tax for the payment thereof; 
     (10) To authorize the town, either by itself or in 
conjunction with one or more other towns, to purchase grounds 
for a public park and to limit the price to be paid therefor, to 
authorize the town, alone or in conjunction with such other town 
or towns, to care for, improve, and beautify such parks, and to 
determine, by ballot, the amount of money to be raised for that 
purpose, and to vote a tax for the payment thereof; 
    (11) To vote money to aid in the construction of community 
halls, to be erected by farm bureaus, farmers clubs, or other 
like organizations. 
    (12) To vote a tax to purchase and maintain a public 
dumping ground. 
    (13) To authorize the town board, by resolution, to 
determine whether to open or maintain town roads upon which no 
maintenance or construction has been conducted for 25 years or 
more.  For purposes of this clause the provisions of section 
163.16 shall not apply to town roads described in this clause, 
nor shall the provisions of this clause apply to cartways.  
    (14) To authorize the town board to contract with nonprofit 
organizations for health, social, or recreational services in an 
amount not to exceed a total of $5,000 in any year when deemed 
in the public interest and of benefit to the town. 
    Approved April 25, 1984