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Rule 62.Stay of Proceedings to Enforce a Judgment

62.01Stay on Motions

In its discretion and on such conditions for the security of the adverse party as are proper, the court may stay the execution of or any proceedings to enforce a judgment pending the disposition of a motion for a new trial made pursuant to Rule 59, or of a motion for relief from a judgment or order made pursuant to Rule 60, or of a motion for judgment as a matter of law made pursuant to Rule 50.02, or of a motion for amendment to the findings or for additional findings made pursuant to Rule 52.02.

(Amended effective January 1, 2006.)

Advisory Committee Comment - 2006 Amendment

Rule 62.01 is amended to reflect the new name for motions under Rule 50.01 as amended effective January 1, 2006.

62.02Injunction Pending Appeal

When an appeal is taken from an interlocutory or final judgment granting, dissolving, or denying an injunction, the court in its discretion may suspend, modify, restore, or grant an injunction during the pendency of the appeal upon such terms as to bond or otherwise as it considers proper for the security of the rights of the adverse party.

62.03Stay Upon Appeal

When an appeal is taken, the appellant may obtain a stay only when authorized and in the manner provided in Minn. R. Civ. App. P. 107 and 108.

62.04Stay in Favor of the State or Agency Thereof

When an appeal is taken by the state or an officer, agency, or governmental subdivision thereof, and the operation or enforcement of the judgment is stayed, no bond, obligation, or other security shall be required from the appellant.

62.05Power of Appellate Court Not Limited

The provisions of Rule 62 do not limit any power of an appellate court or of a judge or justice thereof to stay proceedings during the pendency of an appeal or to suspend, modify, restore, or grant an injunction during the pendency of an appeal or to make any order appropriate to preserve the status quo or the effectiveness of the judgment subsequently to be entered.

62.06Stay of Judgment Upon Multiple Claims

When a court has ordered a final judgment on some but not all of the claims presented in the action under the conditions stated in Rule 54.02, the court may stay enforcement of that judgment until the entering of a subsequent judgment or judgments and may prescribe such conditions as are necessary to secure the benefits thereof to the party in whose favor the judgment is entered.