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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Bonds (public debt), interest income, subtraction from federal taxable income, Minn. Rules 8002.0300

Boundary Waters Canoe Area, agreements, Minn. Rules 6140.1200


Data reported to, substitution, Minn. Rules 7610.0150

Reports filed to, identification to commissioner, Minn. Rules 7610.0170

Environmental review, joint federal and state documents, Minn. Rules 4410.3900

Federal aid, see FEDERAL AID

Local public health employees merit system

Cooperation with agencies, Minn. Rules 4670.3800

Partial payment employees, Minn. Rules 4670.4030

Oil pipelines

Interstate company reports, identification and copies, Minn. Rules 7610.1370

Reports, substitution, Minn. Rules 7610.1350

Oil, prime supplier report

Identification or copies, Minn. Rules 7610.1370

Substitution, Minn. Rules 7610.1350

Passports, primary documents, drivers' licenses, vehicle records, Minn. Rules 7410.0100, 7410.0400

Pollution Control Agency, confidential record use, compliance with federal law and regulation, Minn. Rules 7000.1300

Sales and use taxes

Constitutional exemptions, Minn. Rules 8130.1200, 8130.5700

Generally, Minn. Rules 8130.9300

Surplus property, Minn. Rules 1260.0100 to 1260.0900

United States code, defined as federal law, government data practices, Minn. Rules 1205.0200

Water appropriation and impoundments, coordination of rules, Minn. Rules 6115.0640