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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Bois De Sioux River, agricultural dike construction, removal, Minn. Rules 6115.1380

Boundary Waters Canoe Area

Cutting trees, Minn. Rules 6140.0200

Firewood, Minn. Rules 6140.0500

Capitol area, see Landscaping under CAPITOL AREA

Christmas trees, Minn. Rules 1556.0110

Damage to

Crows, taking, Minn. Rules 6240.2500

Spikes or nails, wildlife management areas, Minn. Rules 6230.0250


Aeronautics, Minn. Rules 8800.0100

"Minnesota grown" labeling statements, Minn. Rules 1556.0110

Endangered species, threatened species, and species of special concern, Minn. Rules 6134.0170, 6134.0300

Evergreens, see EVERGREENS

Labels and labeling

"Minnesota grown" labeling statements, see under FOOD

"Organic product" labeling statements, Minn. Rules 1556.0160, 1556.0170

Seeds, Minn. Rules 1510.0261

Records and record keeping, seeds, Minn. Rules 1510.0261

Red River of the North, agricultural dike construction, removal, Minn. Rules 6115.1380

Reports about, seeds, Minn. Rules 1510.0261

Sales and use taxes, nurseries, Minn. Rules 8130.8900

Scientific and natural areas, environmental protection, Minn. Rules 6136.0400


Generally, Minn. Rules 1510.0261

Germination, testing procedures, Minn. Rules 1510.0241

Weed seeds, prohibited, Minn. Rules 1510.0271

Shorelands, zoning, municipalities, Minn. Rules 6120.3300

Trimming or cutting trunk highway rights-of-way, Minn. Rules 8810.3400

Utility crossings, public lands and waters, right of way maintenance, Minn. Rules 6135.1500

Visual screens, capitol area, see Visual screens under CAPITOL AREA

Waters, excavation, Minn. Rules 6115.0200 to 6115.0202

Workplace accident and injury reduction, tree services, employers, duties, Minn. Rules 5208.1500