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Administrative expenses, funding, Minn. Rules 7817.0300

Appeals, Minn. Rules 7817.1000

Application forms, Minn. Rules 7817.0400

Application process, Minn. Rules 7817.0400

Assessment of surcharge, Minn. Rules 7817.0300

Availability, notice, Minn. Rules 7817.0400

Commerce Department, complaint procedures, Minn. Rules 7817.1000

Competitive local exchange carriers, application of law, Minn. Rules 7811.2210, 7812.2210

Complaint procedures, Minn. Rules 7817.1000


Adjustments, Minn. Rules 7817.0700

Applying against monthly charges, Minn. Rules 7817.0600

Level, establishment, Minn. Rules 7817.0500

Terminating, Minn. Rules 7817.0600

Verification, Minn. Rules 7817.0600

Definitions, Minn. Rules 7817.0100

Denial of eligibility, Minn. Rules 7817.1000

Deposit of funds, Minn. Rules 7817.0300

Eligibility for assistance, Minn. Rules 7817.0400

Federal matching plan, participation, Minn. Rules 7817.0800

Funding, Minn. Rules 7817.0300

Human Services Department, appeal hearings, Minn. Rules 7817.1000

Interpretation of rules, Minn. Rules 7817.0200

Notice, Minn. Rules 7817.0400

Public Utilities Commission

Credits, calculating level, Minn. Rules 7817.0500

Surcharge, duties, Minn. Rules 7817.0300

Purpose of rules, Minn. Rules 7817.0200

Records and record keeping, Minn. Rules 7817.0900

Reimbursing telephone company expenses, Minn. Rules 7817.0300

Reporting requirements, Minn. Rules 7817.0900

Statewide surcharge revenue pool, Minn. Rules 7817.0300


Adjustments, Minn. Rules 7817.0700

Generally, Minn. Rules 7817.0300

TAP enrollment charge, generally, Minn. Rules 7817.0300

Telephone assistance fund, deposits in, Minn. Rules 7817.0300

Termination of eligibility, Minn. Rules 7817.1000

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