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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes



Agreements by

Fiscal agent agreements, Minn. Rules 1900.3010

Service boundaries, changes, Minn. Rules 1900.2410

Authority, Minn. Rules 1900.4010

Block allocations

Biennial plans

Amendment, procedure, Minn. Rules 1900.2910

Contents, Minn. Rules 1900.2710

Preliminary biennial plans, Minn. Rules 1900.2610

Review process, Minn. Rules 1900.2810

Unfiled or challenged plans, effect, Minn. Rules 1900.3010

Updated biennial plans, Minn. Rules 1900.2610

Eligibility, Minn. Rules 1900.2610


Carryforward, procedure, Minn. Rules 1900.3710, 1900.3810

Unobligated funds, Minn. Rules 1900.3910

Definitions, Minn. Rules 1900.2310


Challenge to, procedure, Minn. Rules 1900.3210

Disputed designation, appeals, procedure, Minn. Rules 1900.3310

Removal of designation, Minn. Rules 1900.3110

Grants, authority to award, Minn. Rules 1900.4010

Liaison Committee, Minn. Rules 1900.3610

Notice given

Biennial plans, amendment, Minn. Rules 1900.2910

Carryforward, block allocation funds, Minn. Rules 1900.3710, 1900.3810

Organizational structure, Minn. Rules 1900.2510

Payments by, unobligated funds, return, Minn. Rules 1900.3910

Payments to, regional arts council block allocations, Minn. Rules 1900.3010

Regional Arts Council Forums, allocation formula, duties, Minn. Rules 1900.3410

Reports by, Minn. Rules 1900.4110

Rulemaking, arts assistance, grants

Authority, Minn. Rules 1900.0110

Purpose of rules, Minn. Rules 1900.0210

Service boundaries, changes to, limitations, Minn. Rules 1900.2410