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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Ambulance services, Minn. Rules 4690.1900, 4690.2600

Announcements, supplementary review of waste facilities, public hearings notice, Minn. Rules 9200.4200

Channels, Minn. Rules 4690.1900

Continuous tone coded squelch systems (CTCSS), ambulances, Minn. Rules 4690.1900, 4690.2600

Emergency responder coverage, fire code, Minn. Rules 7511.0510, 7511.7900

Frequencies, ambulances, Minn. Rules 4690.1900, 4690.2600

Hunting with, crows, Minn. Rules 6240.2400

Minnesota Zoo, operation prohibited, Minn. Rules 9900.3600

Police radio communications

Authorization agreement, form, Minn. Rules 7418.9910

Emergency frequency, Minn. Rules 7418.0300, 7418.0400

Frequency allocation assignments, Minn. Rules 7418.0300

Generally, Minn. Rules 7418.0400

Purpose and scope, Minn. Rules 7418.0200

Special transportation services, Minn. Rules 8840.5925

Ultra high frequency (UHF) radios, ambulances, Minn. Rules 4690.2600

Very high frequency (VHF) mobile radios, ambulances, Minn. Rules 4690.1900, 4690.2600