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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


See also WEEDS

Aquatic plants, prohibited exotic species, Minn. Rules 6216.0250

Control or eradication

Control programs, defined, Minn. Rules 1505.0751

County agricultural inspectors, duties, Minn. Rules 1505.0754, 1505.0756

Planning, Minn. Rules 1505.0754, 1505.0756

Products, defined as genetically engineered organisms, Minn. Rules 1558.0020

Wetlands, Minn. Rules 8420.0105

Definitions, agricultural inspectors, Minn. Rules 1505.0751

Enforcement of law

Enforcement actions, defined, Minn. Rules 1505.0751

Planning, Minn. Rules 1505.0754

Local weed inspectors, Minn. Rules 1505.0751 to 1505.0758

Planning, control or eradication, Minn. Rules 1505.0754, 1505.0756

Purple loosestrife, see PURPLE LOOSESTRIFE

Seeds, tolerances, agricultural seeds, Minn. Rules 1510.0080

Wetlands, water bank program, Minn. Rules 6115.1250