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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Animal feedlots, notice of proposed construction or expansion, Minn. Rules 7020.2000

Community action agencies, notice of establishment, Minn. Rules 9571.0030

Energy supply emergencies, priority uses, motor vehicle fuel, Minn. Rules 7620.0410

Legal newspapers, see LEGAL NEWSPAPERS

Major substance storage permits, notice, Minn. Rules 7001.4215

Mineral prospecting leases, notice of public sale, Minn. Rules 6125.0500

Motor vehicle fuel, emergencies, public information news releases, Minn. Rules 7620.0600

Notices in

Agricultural business enterprise loan program, bond hearings, Minn. Rules 1652.0060

Agricultural development bond beginning farmer loan program, bond hearings, Minn. Rules 1650.0551

Environmental assessment worksheets, completion, Minn. Rules 4410.1500

Hazardous waste facilities, operator clearance, Minn. Rules 9205.0530

Mail balloting, Minn. Rules 8210.3000

Pesticides, local control, delegation agreements, Minn. Rules 1505.4030

Pharmacy closings, Minn. Rules 6800.1010

Pollution Control Agency, solid waste management plans, counties and districts, public informational meetings, Minn. Rules 9215.0860

Radioactive materials, Minn. Rules 4731.2100

Savings associations

Branch offices, hearings, Minn. Rules 2675.3160

Reciprocal interstate branching and acquisitions, applications for acquisition, Minn. Rules 2660.0110

State rail bank, property acquisition, utilization, or disposition, Minn. Rules 8830.5820 to 8830.5840

State surplus property, auctions, Minn. Rules 1255.0400

Supplementary review of waste facilities, public hearings notice, Minn. Rules 9200.4200, 9200.4700, 9200.4800

Voting precincts, boundary changes, Minn. Rules 8255.0040

Payments to, dentists, referrals to, Minn. Rules 3100.6800

Sales and use taxes, exemptions, Minn. Rules 8130.5600

Waste paper, Minn. Rules 7035.2860