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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes



Generally, see ADOPTION

Requirements, Minn. Rules 9560.0040

Alaska natives, definitions, state contracts, Minn. Rules 1230.0150

Alcohol and drug counseling, generally, Minn. Rules 4747.0030 to 4747.1400

Children in need of protection or services, Minn. Rules 9560.0410 to 9560.0485

Definitions, state contracts, Minn. Rules 1230.0150

Ethnic backgrounds, health services occupations, information collection, Minn. Rules 4695.0300

Foster care

Generally, see FOSTER CARE

Placement, consideration of heritage, Minn. Rules 9560.0542

Records and record keeping, Minn. Rules 9560.0545

Preferences, state contracts, Minn. Rules 1230.1400 to 1230.1910

Targeted group businesses, state contracts, Minn. Rules 1230.0150

Underserved populations, definitions

Economic development and housing challenge program, Minn. Rules 4900.3610

Housing trust fund program, Minn. Rules 4900.3705