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Access, Minn. Rules 9520.0790

Adult residential facilities, licenses, Minn. Rules 9520.0500

Aides, Minn. Rules 4640.3600

Aisles, patients rooms and dormitories, Minn. Rules 4640.3900

Attendants, Minn. Rules 4640.3600

Beds, spacing and location, Minn. Rules 4640.3900

Bedside cabinets, Minn. Rules 4640.3900

Chairs, individual patients areas, Minn. Rules 4640.3900

Chiefs of staff, Minn. Rules 4640.3600

Compliance with rules, Minn. Rules 4640.4300

Consultations, specialized fields of medicine, Minn. Rules 4640.3600

Dayrooms, Minn. Rules 4640.4100

Definitions, Minn. Rules 4650.0102

Dental service, Minn. Rules 4640.3700

Dining rooms, Minn. Rules 4640.4000

Disability access, generally, Minn. Rules 1341.0610

Dormitory areas, minimum floor areas and aisle widths, Minn. Rules 4640.3900

Employees, Minn. Rules 4640.3600

Epileptic persons institutions, hospital sections, compliance with rules, Minn. Rules 4640.4300

Financial, services, and utilization reports, Minn. Rules 4650.0102 to 4650.0174

Floor areas, patient rooms, minimum areas, Minn. Rules 4640.3900

Gifts to, definitions, Minn. Rules 4650.0102

Group I-2 facilities, State Building Code, Minn. Rules 1305.0308

Incorporation by reference, federal regulations, Minn. Rules 4650.0104

Mechanical restraints, Minn. Rules 4640.3800

Medical directors, Minn. Rules 4640.3600

Medical staff, Minn. Rules 4640.3600

Mentally deficient persons institutions, hospital sections, compliance, Minn. Rules 4640.4300

Nursing staff, Minn. Rules 4640.3600

Occupational therapists, Minn. Rules 4640.3600

Occupational therapy facilities, Minn. Rules 4640.4200

Patients rooms, minimum floor areas, Minn. Rules 4640.3900

Personnel, Minn. Rules 4640.3600

Physical therapists, Minn. Rules 4640.3600

Physical therapy facilities, Minn. Rules 4640.4200

Plumbing, Minn. Rules 4645.3500

Protection of patients and employees, Minn. Rules 4640.3800

Psychiatric aides, Minn. Rules 4640.3600

Psychiatric nursing units, Minn. Rules 4645.1600

Recreation space, Minn. Rules 4640.4100

Recreational therapy facilities, Minn. Rules 4640.4200

Reports given, Medicare cost reports, Minn. Rules 4650.0104, 4650.0111

Restraints, Minn. Rules 4640.3800

Rooms, general hospital facilities, Minn. Rules 4645.0800

Sales and use taxes, exemptions, Minn. Rules 8130.6200

Scope of rules, financial, services, and utilization reports, Minn. Rules 4650.0104

Seclusion of patients, Minn. Rules 4640.3800

Security, Minn. Rules 4640.3800

Segregation of patients, communicable diseases, Minn. Rules 4640.3800

Specialized hospitals, mental and psychiatric hospitals defined as, hospital and surgical center reporting, Minn. Rules 4650.0102

Specialized treatment facilities, Minn. Rules 4640.4200

Staff, Minn. Rules 4640.3600

Statements by, mentally ill persons, competency, Minn. Rules 7410.2700

Storage, patients clothes and other personal possessions, Minn. Rules 4640.3900

Supervised living facilities, Minn. Rules 4665.0100 to 4665.9900

Wards, minimum floor areas, Minn. Rules 4640.3900

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