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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Airports and landing fields, see Lights and lighting under AIRPORTS AND LANDING FIELDS

Ambulances, Minn. Rules 4690.1500

Anhydrous ammonia, trucks, semitrailers, trailers, systems for transporting, Minn. Rules 1513.0790

Bakeries, Minn. Rules 1550.1370 to 1550.1400

Beverage manufacturing facilities, Minn. Rules 1550.1770

Beverages, see BEVERAGES

Boarding care homes, see BOARDING CARE HOMES

Building materials, sales and use taxes, Minn. Rules 8130.1200

Children's camps, Minn. Rules 4630.2300 to 4630.4750

Commercial canneries, Minn. Rules 1550.1900

Confined spaces, approval requirements, Minn. Rules 5207.0304

Correctional facilities

Construction standards for security areas, Minn. Rules 2900.0600

New construction, Minn. Rules 2900.0200

Cosmetology salons, Minn. Rules 2105.0360

County state-aid highways

Cost data, Minn. Rules 8820.1000

Hazardous areas, state-aid eligibility, Minn. Rules 8820.3100

Decorative gas lamps, Minn. Rules 7630.0100

Definitions, street, highway, and parking lot lighting, Minn. Rules 8885.0100

Dental offices, Minn. Rules 3100.6300

Electrical code, see ELECTRICAL CODE

Electrical lighting, electrical code, compliance requirements, Minn. Rules 1315.0200

Electricity, annual consumption forecast, Minn. Rules 7849.0270

Elevators, disability access, Minn. Rules 1341.0407

Energy conservation, street, highway, and parking lot lighting, Minn. Rules 8885.0100 to 8885.0300

Esthetician salons, Minn. Rules 2105.0360

Existing lighting equipment, defined, Minn. Rules 8885.0100

Family day care homes, Minn. Rules 9502.0425

Fish processing establishments, Minn. Rules 1545.2930

Fluorescent lamps, waste disposal, see Universal waste under HAZARDOUS WASTE

Food and beverage service establishments, see Lights and lighting under FOOD AND BEVERAGE SERVICE ESTABLISHMENTS

Food salvage establishments, Minn. Rules 1550.2630, 1550.2760

Freestanding outpatient surgical centers, Minn. Rules 4675.1500

High intensity discharge lamps

Universal waste handlers, Minn. Rules 7045.1400

Waste management, see Universal waste under HAZARDOUS WASTE

Highways, Minn. Rules 8885.0100 to 8885.0300

Honey houses, Minn. Rules 1550.2380, 1550.2400

Hospitals, see HOSPITALS

Initial efficiency, defined, Minn. Rules 8885.0100

Lighting equipment, defined, Minn. Rules 8885.0100

Lumen output, defined, Minn. Rules 8885.0100

Manufactured home parks, storm shelters, Minn. Rules 1370.0210

Motor vehicle sales lots, Minn. Rules 8885.0100 to 8885.0300

Motor vehicles, see MOTOR VEHICLES

Nail salons, Minn. Rules 2105.0360

Nursing homes, see NURSING HOMES

Occupational safety and health, see OCCUPATIONAL SAFETY AND HEALTH

Parking facilities, Minn. Rules 8885.0100 to 8885.0300

Radioactive source material, license exemptions, Minn. Rules 4731.0725

Sales and use taxes

Commercial artists and photographers, Minn. Rules 8130.8800

Florists and nurseries, Minn. Rules 8130.8900

Industrial production, Minn. Rules 8130.5500

Publications, exemptions, Minn. Rules 8130.5600

Storm shelters, manufactured home parks, Minn. Rules 1370.0210

Streets and roads, Minn. Rules 8885.0100 to 8885.0300

Supervised living facilities

Lighting levels, Minn. Rules 4665.1600

Toilet and bathing facilities, Minn. Rules 4665.2200

Swimming pools, Minn. Rules 4717.3450, 4717.3650

Uniform Building Code amendments, see STATE BUILDING CODE

Vessels, Minn. Rules 5225.6200

Veterinarians' facilities requirements, Minn. Rules 9100.0300

Wildlife exhibits, facilities and operating standards, Minn. Rules 6244.2700

Worn out, defined, Minn. Rules 8885.0100