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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Containers, mix, Minn. Rules 1525.1340

Definitions, dairy industry, Minn. Rules 1525.3040, 1525.3090 to 1525.3110

Food and beverage service establishments, pasteurization, Minn. Rules 4626.0177

Frozen malt, defined, Minn. Rules 1525.3110

Frozen malted milk, Minn. Rules 1525.3090

Frozen milk shakes, defined, Minn. Rules 1525.3100

Frozen products

Ice cream, see ICE CREAM

Quiescently frozen dairy confections, Minn. Rules 1525.3040 to 1525.3080

Ice cream, manufacture, production reports, Minn. Rules 1525.0560


Identification number or codes, Minn. Rules 1525.3120

Reports given, ice cream production, Minn. Rules 1525.0560


Containers, Minn. Rules 1525.1340

Labels and labeling, Minn. Rules 1525.1340

Pasteurization and cooling, Minn. Rules 1525.3070

Sanitation, Minn. Rules 1525.1340

Pasteurization, food and beverage service establishments, Minn. Rules 4626.0177

Quiescently frozen dairy confections

Bacterial or coliform counts, Minn. Rules 1525.3080

Defined, Minn. Rules 1525.3040

Labels and labeling, Minn. Rules 1525.3050

Manufacture, Minn. Rules 1525.3050

Mix, pasteurization and cooling, Minn. Rules 1525.3070

Packages and packaging, Minn. Rules 1525.3050, 1525.3120

Processing or mixing, Minn. Rules 1525.3060

Records and record keeping, Minn. Rules 1525.3070

Reports about, ice cream production, Minn. Rules 1525.0560

Sanitation, mix, Minn. Rules 1525.1340