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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Absentee ballot application, Minn. Rules 8210.0200

Absentee ballot return envelope, Minn. Rules 8210.0300

Absentee voting

Applications, Minn. Rules 8210.0200

Certificate of eligibility, Minn. Rules 8210.0100, 8210.0800

Instructions, Minn. Rules 8210.0500, 8210.0600

Permanent applications, Minn. Rules 8210.0200

Return envelope, Minn. Rules 8210.0300

Statement of absentee voter, Minn. Rules 8210.0500, 8210.0600

Acquisition filing statements, insurance holding companies, Minn. Rules 2720.9910

Actuarial opinions

Asset adequacy analysis, statements based on, Minn. Rules 2711.0230

Memorandums in support of, Minn. Rules 2711.0240

Adult foster care homes, applications for licenses, Minn. Rules 9543.0040

Agricultural chemical incidents, eligible cost reimbursement or payment applications, certifications, Minn. Rules 1512.0900

Animal feedlots, construction short-form permits, Minn. Rules 7020.0535

Application to automatically receive absentee ballot applications, Minn. Rules 8210.0200

Asbestos abatement, diplomas, training courses, Minn. Rules 4620.3708


Duplicate ballots, Minn. Rules 8220.0250

Electronic voting systems, Minn. Rules 8220.1550

Town election ballots, Minn. Rules 8250.0385

Banned toys, refund procedures notice, Minn. Rules 2630.1600, 2630.1700

Beneficial ownership statements, insurance companies, Minn. Rules 2715.4400, 2715.6401 to 2715.6404

Bills of lading, household goods carriers, Minn. Rules 7800.2100

Certificate of eligibility, absentee voting, Minn. Rules 8210.0100, 8210.0800

Challenges, voter registration, Minn. Rules 8200.9950

Contested cases, Minn. Rules 1400.5275, 1400.5700

Contracts for deed, see CONTRACTS FOR DEED

Conveyances, see CONVEYANCES

Coordination of benefits provisions, health and accident insurance, Minn. Rules 2742.0300

Corrections Department, residential treatment programs, juvenile sex offenders, variances, Minn. Rules 2955.0070

Cosmetologists, unregulated services, notice, Minn. Rules 2110.0100

Cosmetology schools, unregulated services, notice, Minn. Rules 2110.0100

Decisions, Medical Practice Board hearings, Minn. Rules 5615.1100

Deeds, see DEEDS

Dental personnel, see ALLIED DENTAL PERSONNEL

Dentists, see DENTISTS

Dietetics and Nutrition Board

Continuing education reports, Minn. Rules 3250.0145

License reinstatement applications, Minn. Rules 3250.0150

Elected state officers, recall petitions, Minn. Rules 8205.1010, 8205.2000, 8205.2110

Election day registration oath, Minn. Rules 8200.9939

Electricity, certificate of need applications, Minn. Rules 7849.0200

Environmental assessment worksheets, Minn. Rules 4410.1300

Environmental permits, Minn. Rules 4350.3000 to 4350.3130

Environmental review, model ordinance, Minn. Rules 4410.3700

Family day care homes, applications for licenses, Minn. Rules 9502.0335, 9543.0040

Family foster care, applications for licenses, Minn. Rules 9543.0040

Franchises, Minn. Rules 2860.9910, 2860.9920, 2860.9930

Grain inventory examinations, Minn. Rules 1562.1100

Handgun permits, see Pistols under this topic

Health maintenance organizations, certificates of authority, application, Minn. Rules 4685.0300

Health services occupations, information collection, Minn. Rules 4695.0400

Hospice bill of rights, Minn. Rules 4664.0030

Housing finance loans and grants, Minn. Rules 4900.0070

Human services merit system, applications, Minn. Rules 9575.0410

Instructions to mail ballot voters, Minn. Rules 8210.3000

Insurance, see INSURANCE

Juvenile detention centers, see JUVENILE DETENTION CENTERS

Labor and Industry Department, Minn. Rules 5210.0005, 5210.0533, 5210.0539

Limited warranty deeds, see DEEDS

Local telecommunications service providers, price increases or service changes, notice, competitive local exchange carriers, Minn. Rules 7811.2210, 7812.2210

Mail balloting, generally, Minn. Rules 8210.0500, 8210.0600, 8210.3000

Mail voter's certificate, Minn. Rules 8210.3000

Major and minor political parties, recognition petitions, Minn. Rules 8205.3000

Metropolitan waste control, see METROPOLITAN WASTE CONTROL

Mortgages, see MORTGAGES

Motor carriers, household goods carriers, bill of lading, Minn. Rules 7800.2100

Natural Resources Department, snowmobiles, Minn. Rules 6100.5000

Nominating petitions, candidates, Minn. Rules 8205.1010

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (U.S.), Minn. Rules 4620.3200

Off-highway motorcycles, registration, Minn. Rules 6102.0010

Off-road vehicles, registration, Minn. Rules 6102.0010

Pharmacists and pharmacies, application for license, Minn. Rules 6800.0200


Acquisition from federal firearms dealers, permit, Minn. Rules 7416.9940

Carrying in public places, permits, Minn. Rules 7416.9931, 7416.9950

Transfer reports, Minn. Rules 7416.9911

Transferee permit, Minn. Rules 7416.9911

Police emergency radio network authorization agreement, Minn. Rules 7418.9910

Political parties, recognition petitions, Minn. Rules 8205.3000

Polling place rosters, Minn. Rules 8200.9115

Pollution Control Agency permits, Minn. Rules 7001.0050

Prevailing wages, contractor reporting forms, surveys, Minn. Rules 5200.1050

Proxy statements, insurance companies, Minn. Rules 2715.7320, 2715.7330

Public utilities

Escrow payments, Minn. Rules 7820.2800

Meter reading, Minn. Rules 7820.3300

Uniform statewide contracts, cogeneration and small power production, Minn. Rules 7835.9910

Radioactive materials

Calibration or reference sources, labels and labeling, Minn. Rules 4731.0555, 4731.0605

Depleted uranium, registration, Minn. Rules 4731.0750

Reciprocity, Minn. Rules 4731.0355

Source materials, specific license applications, Minn. Rules 4731.0765

Specific licenses (domestic) applications, Minn. Rules 4731.3065, 4731.3090

Uranium counterweights, labels, Minn. Rules 4731.0725

Real estate brokers and agents, see REAL ESTATE BROKERS AND AGENTS

Real estate, conveyances, see CONVEYANCES

Regional library systems, grant applications, Minn. Rules 3530.0200

Registration of voters, see VOTER REGISTRATION

Registration statements, insurance holding companies, Minn. Rules 2720.9920, 2720.9930


Certificates, Minn. Rules 1400.2550


Dual notice, Minn. Rules 1400.2540

Hearing notice, Minn. Rules 1400.2530

Intent to adopt expedited rule without public hearing, Minn. Rules 1400.2570

Intent to adopt rule without public hearing, Minn. Rules 1400.2520

Orders, rule adoption, Minn. Rules 1400.2560

Petition, Minn. Rules 1400.2500

Request for comments, Minn. Rules 1400.2510

Secured transactions, UCC financing statements, amendments, addenda, Minn. Rules 8280.0040

Securities, see SECURITIES

Soil and water conservation cost-sharing program, see Cost-sharing program under SOIL CONSERVATION

State permit to acquire handguns from federal firearms dealers, Minn. Rules 7416.9940

Statement of absentee voter, Minn. Rules 8210.0500, 8210.0600, 8210.3000

Subdivided land sales, see Sales under SUBDIVIDED LAND

Telephone utilities, escrow payments, bill disputes, Minn. Rules 7810.2500

Town election ballots, Minn. Rules 8250.0385

Transaction notices, insurance holding companies, Minn. Rules 2720.9940

UCC financing statements, Minn. Rules 8280.0040

Unfair labor practice charge form, Minn. Rules 7325.0110

Uniform firearm application/receipt transferee permit of transfer for firearms, Minn. Rules 7416.9911

Uniform handgun application/receipt carry permit for handgun in public place, Minn. Rules 7416.9931

Voluntary extension of credit contracts (grain buyers), Minn. Rules 1562.1000

Voter registration

Challenges, Minn. Rules 8200.9950, 8200.9960

Election day registration oath, Minn. Rules 8200.9939

Polling place rosters, Minn. Rules 8200.9115

Warranty deeds, see DEEDS

Water supply, see WATER SUPPLY

Wellhead protection plans, data reporting, Minn. Rules 4720.5500

Wells, pumping tests, data, Minn. Rules 4720.5520, 4720.5530

Wholesale produce dealers, payment protection, notice, Minn. Rules 1500.1201

Workers' compensation litigation procedures, Minn. Rules 1415.0500