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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Confined spaces, emergencies, Minn. Rules 5207.0304

Emergency telecommunications systems, Minn. Rules 7580.0100 to 7580.1100

Instructors, special transportation services, Minn. Rules 8840.6200

Jails, Minn. Rules 2911.1350, 2911.1500, 2911.6000

Municipal lockups, Minn. Rules 2945.5430

Special transportation services, drivers and attendants, education and training, Minn. Rules 8840.5910, 8840.6100, 8840.6250

Supervised living facilities, Minn. Rules 4665.4700

Swimming pools, first aid kits, Minn. Rules 4717.1450


Minnesota sexual psychopathic personality treatment center, staff training, Minn. Rules 9515.3070

Special transportation services attendants and drivers, Minn. Rules 8840.5910, 8840.6100, 8840.6250