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Minnesota Legislature

Office of the Revisor of Statutes


Advertising, see same under DENTISTS

Chronic disease hospitals, Minn. Rules 4640.6200, 4645.2000

Crime victims reparations, Minn. Rules 3050.3700, 3050.3800

Definitions, medical assistance, Minn. Rules 9505.0270

Dental personnel, responsibilities of licensed dentists, Minn. Rules 3100.8300


Health maintenance organization, limitations or exclusions coverage, Minn. Rules 4685.0700

Medical assistance

Coverage, Minn. Rules 9505.0250, 9505.0270, 9505.0380

Payment rates, Minn. Rules 9505.0445

Mental and psychiatric hospitals, Minn. Rules 4640.3700

Minnesota sexual psychopathic personality treatment center, Minn. Rules 9515.3000 to 9515.3110

Municipal lockups, Minn. Rules 2945.5400

State soldiers assistance fund, payment for dental services, Minn. Rules 9055.0085

Supervised living facilities, Minn. Rules 4665.3800

Tuberculosis hospitals, Minn. Rules 4640.5600

Unnecessary or unauthorized services, conduct unbecoming, Minn. Rules 3100.6200

Veterans homes, dental care services availability, Minn. Rules 9050.1030

Workers' compensation, procedure codes, Minn. Rules 5221.0700, 5221.4030

X-ray equipment, see under DENTAL EQUIPMENT


Advertising, Minn. Rules 3100.6600

Dental assistants, Minn. Rules 3100.8500

Dental hygenists, Minn. Rules 3100.8700

Licensed dental assistants, supervision, Minn. Rules 3100.8500